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Do you have a need for more than one website that needs to be managed across different locations, parts of your organization or in parallel with marketing efforts? Are you currently building the same type of site multiple times over from scratch?

If any of these questions got you thinking, then consider how using DevHub’s Master Templates allows you to simplify workflow, create a sustainable SEO strategy, and keep brand consistency into your scaling strategy. With DevHub Master Templates, managing websites and landing pages at scale is easier. Creating a master template takes no longer than building a regular site, and once it is built, creating localized versions or customized versions with the master controls is completely automated. Simply add the new content, information and domain, and your new site will be online within seconds. Utilizing Master Templates across campaigns, geographies and verticals makes it simple to comply with design standards set by you. By manipulating the usage of macros and design assets available in the site builder, the sites and/ or landing pages are then flexible, dynamic, and future proof.

Why use DevHub?

We connect brands to the people they care about, through exceptional experiences.

Award winning technology

Our location-focused, enterprise platform is easy to use and is configured for your brand’s unique needs, globally and locally.

Self-Service to managed services

We understand the need to be flexible. We will tailor the right engagement to provide you with the level of support you need from creative to on-going operation.

Expert implementation & execution

Utilizing a defined implementation process, based on hundreds of new clients, we’ll get your brand and Teams up and running, efficiently and effectively.

Strategy and insights

With over 230+ brands supported, we recognize the importance of delivering the experience and expertise to become an extension of your organization.