Migrate Exisiting Landing Pages

Do you have landing pages on another platform? Do you wish you could easily update those pages? We can safely and easily migrate existing landing pages without losing an legacy SEO value.

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Content Structure for SEO

Create a master template that serves as a guide for your team. Through the master template structure anyone on your team can follow content guidlines easily - from keyword headings, keyword text, keyword category and keyword links. Simply fill in the content where relevant by.focusing content on a specific topic.

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Future Proof

We keep DevHub up to date with all the latest web standards from mobile first practices to SSL (security) to Web Accessibility.

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Flexible URL Structure

Easily publish to your own domain, sub domain, sub directory. We support any URL strategy.

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Full Reporting

Generate roll up reports, traffic, event tracking metrics and more. Analytics comes standard with any DevHub deployment.

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Local SEO Pages

Bake in the important ranking factors i.e. city, state, topical keywords, product services, landing page URL authority, H1/ H2 tags, custom HTML, Schema based NAP information and city/ neighborhood keywords.

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Companies Looking for SEO at Scale Use DevHub products

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