i18n Internationalization Platform

We have standardized i18n translation support built into both the Site Builder and the Hosted Sites.

  • We currently have support for English, French and Spanish languages
  • A default language can be defined for the Instance, but individual Sites’ language can be set within the Site Settings.
  • New languages can be easily added using standard i18n .po files. We just export a full list of all the phrases in English and you send back the translated versions of each in the additional Language. We then simply import those strings into the platform and the translations are then ready to go.

Additional Internationalization Support

  • Phone Number Auto formatting – Based on country we can define formats to be used when formatting phone numbers based on the Customer's geography. Example would be our Australian support (8 different phone formats based on area codes)
  • Address formats – Ability to customize the output and display of addresses based on region. Example is our support for Mexico addresses which contain additional data around their Colony and District.
  • Timezone Support – To reflect accurate times/dates shown on published pages

Current Use(s)

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portugese

Site Builder/Dashboard

  • English
  • Spanish

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