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What if there was a tool that could generate thousands of Spec Sites based on a database of company names, websites, and contact information? With DevHub Spec Sites, you can do just that. We intelligently ingest the company’s old website logo, header, and images to create a personalized site that is mobile friendly and works across all platforms.

After our team does QA on your input data, we generate the Spec Sites. Your sales and marketing teams’ will have a great starting point to begin building the actual site. No need to worry about production time. In many cases, the full site can be built by a web developer in as little as a couple hours.

Benefits of DevHub Spec Sites:

  • Requires very little time to set up
  • Actual site to show client
  • Increases production efficiency
  • Permission control back to site owner when complete

If you are ready to accelerate your company’s sales team and gain a competitive advantage, schedule a demo, or contact us for more information.

Why use DevHub?

We connect brands to the people they care about, through exceptional experiences.

Award winning technology

Our location-focused, enterprise platform is easy to use and is configured for your brand’s unique needs, globally and locally.

Self-Service to managed services

We understand the need to be flexible. We will tailor the right engagement to provide you with the level of support you need from creative to on-going operation.

Expert implementation & execution

Utilizing a defined implementation process, based on hundreds of new clients, we’ll get your brand and Teams up and running, efficiently and effectively.

Strategy and insights

With over 230+ brands supported, we recognize the importance of delivering the experience and expertise to become an extension of your organization.