In order to economically and efficiently produce thousands of websites and/or landing pages each month all of the systems needed for onboarding clients, producing content and building sites must be integrated.

All of the user accessible forms for creating new orders and adding new sites are powered by the DevHub Site Publishing API. This gives us the ability to fully customize the frontend workflows and data fields captured to match the requirements of our partners.

This includes API functionality to auto create multiple pages containing specific modules and placements. This speeds up the setup time for each site because production team does not have to create each page manually using the supplied order information.

DevHub can also be integrated with other frontend and backend systems via the oAuth Single Sign On protocol and API’s.

TYPICAL BROKEN CLIENT: Designers/ Developers/ Production users have to log into up to 6 systems.

  • Website CMS (Wordpress)
  • Domain Registration (GoDaddy, Dotster, eNom...etc)
  • DNS – proprietary DNS
  • Email (Rackspace)
  • Customer Order (SalesForce)
  • Project Management (AtTask)

How DevHub Optimizes Workflow

  1. Customer Order: Salesforce > Convert a closed/won opportunity into a provisioned website ready to apply a template/content. DevHub updates SF on account changes, domain name, credentials. Single Sign On: Link to DevHub Dashboard.
  2. Website CMS: DevHub > Email, Domain registration and DNS management built into DevHub dashboard.
  3. Project Management: AtTask > Single Sign On: Link to DevHub Dashboard for client. Link back to AtTask

We will work with your team towards the most efficient and economical workflow solution. The goal is to reduce time to deliver product, reduce production errors, and reduce time spent on each client.

This can accomplished by tying these systems into our Single Sign On (SSO) API to allow one-click navigation to various parts of our app.

The DevHub Difference

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Do it yourself, let’s operate together, or use our leading Headless API for your in-house team or agency to manage.

An all-in-one

Easily migrate your corporate website, location finder, local pages, franchise development websites, and local landing pages from existing CMS platforms.

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