A Great City - Happy Holidays

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Seattle tech
Seattle doesn’t need to reinvent itself but the obvious influx of technology talent could teach a thing or two for what building a great company looks like in a city. Seattle has a reputation of being rainy which skews some tech folks to balk when they think about moving here. Meanwhile, companies like OfferUp, Tune and DevHub are heads down focusing on building the next mega technology company - with a solid focus on work / life balance.

Whether you know it as the Emerald City, Queen City, Jet City or Amazonia - Seattle is truly great!

Happy Holidays from all of us a DevHub!    

What Innovation Looks Like

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DevHub HQ Seattle

Web platforms supporting agencies and performance marketing companies need to have a fierce dedication to real time support and product releases - DevHub does.

Sites/ Landing Pages Built:                                      1,600,000 and counting
Enhancements/ Improvements Since July 2016:     163
Languages Supported:                                            English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian

The best place to see DevHub’s commitment to our customers is the official DevHub Blog; which has been consistently updated since June 1, 2016 - when the blog was made a priority to tell the DevHub story.

After a year long search for a market, opportunity, and scale DevHub is taking flight - again. With a new segment of product managers looking to execute and control digital experiences (i.e. sites/ landing pages) for marketing campaigns to presence to vertical specific solutions - DevHub exceeds the expectations.

“DevHub is the most important technology that people are now starting to figure out,” says DevHub CEO Mark Michael, excitedly walking around the HQ. MM is passionate and driven. “Daniel and I have made a concerted effort to power the world’s leading companies with DevHub as the standard for scaling digital/ presence across mobile, location, web.” In the last 5 months DevHub has on boarded more than 10 new ‘instances’ - that’s internal speak for live activations of the DevHub platform.

Things get more intense when you talk with Daniel Rust DevHub’s CTO (@dlrust) -- since July 2016 we have released 163 enhancements, improvements and fixes to optimize workflows and production efficiencies for our customers!” - (see below).

You can say that DevHub is laser focused on the customers it serves - and has found their competitive advantage in the market -  - its a mindset!

Comprehensive List Of Improvements Since July 2016:

•    Phone field added to Form Builder

•    Emails now using HTML5 and zebra tables

•    Blog search module

•    Formbuilder will now generate unique field slugs

•    Proxy domain field validation

•    Site Redirect conflict checking working

•    Local ip logic added everywhere

•    Refactored akismet spam checking

•    Added new debug_ip option to test location finder in production

•    Proxy parsing improvements

•    Fix for blog time picker

•    Fixed location state not being cleared on switching countries

•    Fixed looped redirects for large sized proxy objects

•    Fixes for encoding issues on proxies (Shift JIS)

•    Proper handling of missing Embed IDs

•    Angies List social URL added

•    Custom ShareThis module

•    Updated Agendize iframe URLs, HTTPs support

•    Proxy support for custom 404 pages

•    Ability to extend the JSON globals used by the frontend

•    Hatchbuck Form posting to enable tracking cookies

•    Added debug_ip param for testing location services on the live servers

•    Proxy google maps now using our Google API key

•    Fix for carousels hiding after they start animating on resize

•    Added featured image to default blog post listing view

•    Autoplay option added to video module

•    Emails from contact form and formbuilder are HTML

•    Google Call Conversion plugin

•    Finalized Hatchbuck integration

•    Better error message display on failed Stripe transactions

•    ngrok version issues fixed

•    Merge of 6.0.1 changes to 6.1.x

•    Prorating support with site/alias/proxy activation/deactivation logging

•    Auto-assign slugs on formbuilder if the slugified label is empty

•    Formbuilder email field now accepts placeholder text

•    Fixed issue with oauth nonce unique keys

•    Fixed issue with user dashboard and showing the mailchimp link

•    Fixed error with live previews and business logo macro

•    Fixed issue with previews and the about content not being rendered

•    Fixed broken Baker & Taylor product image links

•    Fixed issue with base_directory and formbuilder success page redirects

•    Initial Hatchbuck API integration

•    Initial HTTPs support for proxies

•    Auto-linking option on proxies

•    ReachEdge plugin

•    Fix for lost schemas on logging models

•    Fix for empty/missing linklists being a list versus and dictionary

•    Updated pyzipcode to support missing zip codes

•    Service area theme

•    Branded help page with API integration with zendesk

•    Advanced configuration options for Proxies

•    New Auto redirect option for location finder from geo-search to nearest Location Site

•    Initial navmenu (accordion) module

•    Third level navigation support on the Site Builder

•    Added option for admins to enable jinja2 rendering for embed modules

•    Toggle for base directory fallback to always render, or to 404 for failed paths

•    Agendize iframe module

•    Added toggles to location finder for showing the get directions or location links

•    New fab command that automatically downloads the latest maxmind geoip data files

•    New Full path page redirects that are independent of a page_id. Can link internally or externally

•    Option for the blog to do slug-only blog single post urls

•    Master site option to inherit page redirects

•    Domain registration option added to proxies

•    Can now set hours of operation notes independently of the structured hours of operation

•    URL validation disabled on Proxy URLs

•    About module now tries to pull description from the Master Site assigned location

•    Master site support for subpages in linklists for base_directory Sites

•    Better handling for base directory fallback. Tries to match a page first before falling back to the homepage

•    Added option for Master site path overrides to allow rendering of specific subpaths versus all pages

•    Analytics now pushes to all Google Analytics trackers on the page

•    Added new link-sms, scheduler-load and scheduler-schedule

•    Auto-redirect between www and non-www proxy full domain urls

•    Added postMessage support for sending links to our analytics from within 3rd party iframes

•    Option for proxies to passthrough the full POST request to the original site

•    Fixed issue with location_name on googlemaps without a business assigned

•    Fixed issue with automatic clone_id (i.e ads to landing pages) and cloning

•    Fix for user group form which was blocking adding of new users

•    Fixed polymorphic locations

•    Location finder now orders results properly

•    Fix for cache invalidation with multiple cache functions

•    Fixed issue with akismet spam filtering not working

•    Revamped shop module (Multi-level Categories, Checkout, ShopOrders endpoint, Product Filters, Stripe Integration)

•    CSV report generation from mixpanel API

•    Mailchimp integration

•    Jinja rendered embed codes now render in real-time

•    Added cloned_from field for logging what clone_id was used when creating a site

•    Oauth signature validation re-enabled

•    Added LML zip code validation

•    Internal client for tastypie resources

•    Lefttronic integration now pulls whitelabels from database

•    Better 404 handling, 404 pages can now be Jinja templates

•    Added a getschema management command to get a list of the databases being used

•    Windows compatibility for local development

•    Added last login field to the user resource

•    New fab command to get the latest maxmind geoip dat files

•    New command to purge oauth nonce table

•    Added option to Embed module frontend for admins to enable jinja rendering

•    Geocode function now respects CACHE_ENABLED

•    Fixed issue with multi-pin maps

•    Fix for error assigning category to blog post

•    Supportfor multi-level navigation cloning

•    Updated setting margins on modules to 0 and it not registering the change

•    Updated international state issue

•    Support for trace URL replacement breaking navigation links

•    Support import issue with mastertheme2 less files

•    Domain aliases now has deleted field

•    New nameserver defaults for registrar

•    Fix for location finders searches. Made google geocoder the priority

•    New multi-device editing and previews

•    Agendize API Integration

•    Added setting to hide location not configured messages on modules

•    API support for custom favicons

•    New negative permission options to exclude access based on field value

•    New Google Verification HTML path setting for validating main whitelabel backend domains

•    Master Site rendering options added to Themes to mirror pages, navigation, and style

•    New Login page with photo backgrounds

•    New locale switching based on lang GET parameter

•    Option added to the Embed module to render the code via jinja2

•    Multi-location module now has option to render the first 20 locations by default instead of using the user's location

•    Reorganized less styles and new fonts

•    Cleanup: imported unicode_literals in user/auth tests to prevent sqlalchemy warnings

•    Registrar integrations and endpoint refactored, added logging for API requests

•    Fields now strip whitespace on start/end

•    Added periscope URL option to Locations

•    Additional ordering options (by id) for API endpoints

•    Added support for theme specific overrides of color palettes

•    Optimized the gitignore logic

•    Added form name to the Formbuilder forms to allow for CSS targeting

•    User dashboard now uses mixpanel analytics by default

•    Added form builder customization of subject line

•    Auto-extraction and upload of base64 encoded images added to theme settings

•    Enhancements to proxy and trace based on broken example sites

•    New refactored image upload and crop handling

•    Support for list fields on the frontend not using traditional endpoint/relations

•    Pins on multi-pin google map now shows location name if present, fallback to business name

•    Reorganized favicon locations for frontend/backend for whitelabel-wide favicons

•    Changed import from url field to support pasting of partial or full urls

•    Added google api key to map loading based on Google API changes

•    Fix for directions links on the Location Finder

•    Fix issue with autostart on carousels

•    Fix for page list not working in the form builder

•    Fixed issues with block category pages 404ing

•    Fixes for tablet responsiveness with the master theme

•    Fixed limit on rackspace email boxes

•    Updated domaintools to fix issue with registrar search of domains with trailing dash

•    Fixed issue with chosen multi select forms submitting the first option after deselecting an option

•    Fixes for circleci environment for new forks

•    Support for Google Maps Premium API Channel and Client ID

•    Google Maps API key added to all maps (ported from 5.x)

•    UK and MX 1800 number support

•    Updated geocoder lib to fix multilocation module and foreign characters

•    Re-enabled page options seo settings for production

•    ngrok requirement fix

•    Formbuilder field slug merging issue

•    Increased click area for gallery images with links

•    Disable autocomplete on Site Builder forms

•    Added a debug option for call tracking client

•    Changed multi-comma replacement to fix issues with macros in meta tags

•    Fixed issue with scrolling on mobile

•    Modified the Site searching so that it does not search for all Sites when clearing the search field

•    Gunicorn 19.2 for supporting threads and max-requests-jitter

•    Call tracking enabled on all specialized sites

•    Added link field to Gallery Images

DevHub on Instagram

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Follow DevHub on Instagram at: Instagram.com/devhubdotcom

Exciting updates coming to your dashboard (screenshot)

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Updates coming to DevHub consumer product and DevHub private label.

Printing Facebook

July 11, 2012 By DevHub - 0 Comments

Our parent company EVO Media Group is about to announce the launch of the highly anticipated product Yearly Leaf a way to print Facebook.

Small businesses need Presentation products

June 25, 2012 By DevHub - 0 Comments

Over the last couple of years, a variety of companies have launched applications that offer free web publishing.  They all imply that they are the best of the "New Era of Web Publishing," allowing the average person to build websites at no charge.  
Although the concept of free and easy web publishing is desperately needed, each company has taken a somewhat different approach to their applications.
This year we (DevHub) is launching our solution for on e-commerce, Facebook pages and mobile website's for small businesses. "This added functionality has been supplied to our private label partners for just over a year, explains Mark Michael Co-founder. Now is the time for small businesses to be empowered to control thier presentation onlin i.e. how they look across the web, mobile and off-line."

For more information Join DevHub. Or you can reach us at info (at) devhub dot com.

Please show your support for DevHub today by voting for us on the Chase Mission:Small Business website

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The June 30th deadline is fast approaching and we need just 250 votes to qualify. To

vote for DevHub:


1. Go to www.missionsmallbusiness.com

2: Click the Blue "Log In and Support" Button using your Facebook Account. (Lower Right)


You will be presented with another log in button.

3. Click the Blue "Log In with Facebook" button.


You will be logged in to the Mission small business portal.


4: Find the SEARCH box lower left of the page and Search for DevHub.


5: Click the Blue "Vote" Button. (Lower Right)

DevHub Offers SMB’s Easy Ecommerce Solution

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At DevHub, we take our customer’s experience and transaction security seriously.
And keeping that in mind while we put the finishing touches on our new e-commerce product for small to medium businesses is how we’ll out-perform our competitors.

DevHub e-commerce is targeted at users who want to sell a basic inventory of 1-24 products online without the hassles they can experience setting up the typical e-commerce store. We deliberately focused on making the process simple and fun so that entry into the online commerce business was easy for anyone.

An additional feature that simplifies the set-up process and adds extra security is the ability to share a SSL checkout page. This eliminates the expense of purchasing an individual certificate and offers our customers instant online integrity.

Beta Test DevHub’s New Theme Builder Tool

June 15, 2012 By DevHub - 0 Comments

Participate in bringing a great new product to the online market!

We are looking for individuals with web development skills to be beta testers of our new advanced theme builder tool. This product will offer our customers the ability to customize the HTML and CSS of their existing site or build a new theme from scratch inside the DevHub editor.

Contact us at info (at) devhub dot com and we’ll send you all the details!

Looking to the future with Yellow Magic/ DevHub

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"Yellow Magic Inc and DevHub announce partnership to Market award winning web presence solution platform for directory publisher and SME's."

Yellow Magic chose to sync up their efforts and their Yellow Magic Business System with a solution from DevHub, backed by the EVO Media Group, based in Seattle, WA and Silicon Valley, CA.  “DevHub is proven at scale, built to manage a large client base and is friendly with our clients existing systems. It’s a very capable site creation platform and web presence solution that answers a Directory Publishers’ need to bring additional value to their existing service offerings by bundling in a suite of proven web products.

more info on our online presence solutions with Yellow Magic and our partnership click here

Web Experience You Control - at Scale

Mobile Sites

Responsive Sites

Manage thousands of websites on unique domains, devices, and services.

Mobile Sites

Vertical Specific

Our unique approach to content management allows you to generate unlimited sites. Great for Real estate, Service based, multi-location, franchise etc...

Mobile Sites

Landing Pages

Build, manage, and track 10 to 10,000 campaigns running different domains.

Mobile Sites

eCommerce Sites

Provide full featured eCommerce sites in seconds.

Mobile Sites

Spec Sites

Show potential and existing customers their “name in lights” for sales acceleration.

Mobile Sites

Location Sites

Manage consistent branding, SEO, and campaigns from national to regional to local levels.

Mobile Sites

Regional Sites

Add another layer of digital real estate to extend a brand’s reach and marketing spend.

Mobile Sites

Proxy and TRACE

Campaign enablement at scale and Rapidly build localized pages.

DevHub is built on a modern Technology Stack