The DevHub Blueprint: Status Update on Our Sales Enablement Program

April 28, 2021

In January, I wrote about building out a Sales Enablement program as one of the first projects I attack. After spending several months with our partners to understand how we could help them address their challenges and help them grow, our immediate goals were clear. 

Blueprint Goals

  • Build a library of marketing resources for our partners focused on local (our fastest growing business segment) 
  • Distribute the collateral via a weekly newsletter (goes out every Thursday - we’re on our 14th edition!) 

The objectives of the Local Pages Blueprint are to 

  • Fulfill and satisfy partner needs for go-to-market resources with white-labeled prospecting, process, and product collateral
  • Shine a light on the advantages of partnering with DevHub - everything from having the best Customer Success and Support team to discovery and a free first-round of mockups that can be used in a proposal or presentation
  • Start posting to our blog and publishing content that’s valuable to our audience because it’s written from DevHub’s perspective
  • Communicating and reinforcing our established sales-to-launch process
  • Test out our messaging and our product positioning - everything from providing the ideal client persona (multi-location businesses with at least 20+ locations) to communicating competitive differentiators and driving adoption of little-known features
  • Activating partners to drive more business with less friction

A sample of the marketing collateral that has been created and distributed

The results so far

  1. An enthusiastic initial response - meetings were scheduled, conversations were had, partners requested I add more of their colleagues to the distribution list, etc.
  2. We’ve met new people at our partner organizations! 
  3. Have had our content adapted in partner proposals and in their marketing efforts
  4. Boosted adoption of our partner benefits and tools, like sales assists (powered by our rockstar Customer Success team) and content for RFPs
  5. Started sharing collateral as Word docs and ended up creating a design language for our white label collateral 
  6. My personal favorite achievement - having partners quote our content directly when asking about a feature or request - the messaging and content is resonating!
  7. Continuing to play the hits - expanding on topics, iterating on messaging for clarity, and refining the value prop of DevHub’s platform for multi-location businesses
  8. A new-found appreciation for the phrase “easier said than done”

What’s next 

I continue to experiment with our messaging and spending time with as many of our partners as I can. Thanks to the positive feedback we’ve received and the success we’ve seen, we’re excited to begin planning the expansion of The DevHub Blueprint and begin developing resources for our other growing business segments beyond Local Experiences. We’ll be sticking to the same distribution method and partners can expect a dedicated partner newsletter for each of our business segments.

Again, from my post in January, I focused on the outstanding strength of DevHub’s platform and team; that strength/differentiator/secret-sauce is building the best, data-powered, custom, customer experiences that drive real business outcomes with a solution built to scale, and accessible to all. No CMS required, no in-depth training needed.