Your Product Road Map and Analytics

December 19, 2016

DevHub Analytics for multi websites

We talk with product managers everyday that are under pressure from CMOs to deliver consistent web experiences while also tracking analytics. Decisions without analytics tends to be risky and slow.

As you consider how analytics are used in your organization consider this: user behavior and performance go hand in hand - making decisions based on a hunch is not thinking strategically about converting customers.  

Specific needs of product managers to gauge how people are interacting with their deployed experiences is available via DevHub. Mobile plays an active role as experiences are being touched on-the-go. Data-driven decisions presented simply can make all the difference!

We recently worked with GO2Holdings on a joint customer. DevHub provided the web experience across 100+ locations and GO2 provided the reporting tool called SMART (Strategic Marketing Analysis Reporting Tool). And that's the thing - web experience with proper (EASY) to navigate reporting allows marketing managers to dial in on specific trends.

Individual sites for multi-location businesses managed via one platform creates the sustainability brands need. No longer are individual sites needed to be built one off - only to die 1 year later (because of updated web standards). Permission controls allow corporate to maintain brand consistency while allowing local operators to manage their local site. Marketing teams can execute marketing and business owners can convert new business.

Working with SMART by GO2Holdings provides the performance analytics at the global, regional and local level so that proper adjustments can be made - based on data versus “thought.”