3rd Quarter Board MTG Review

October 29, 2018

We now have a full team from development resources to client success/ on-boarding to sales and lite marketing. With the team in place we could conceivably double our revenues/ business without hiring additional people. I believe DevHub exists in a time and place which could prove “lucky.” As legacy technologies circa 2012 and older fail to keep pace with the changing standards of the web / consumer - DevHub is right there.

Much of the growth we have experienced this year was two parts 1) Better understanding of who we are selling to 2) Google changes in rapid succession SSL, Responsive design and flexible URL structures.

As we are fully engaged in the 4th quarter...we have several deals which could lead to a doubling revenues heading into 2019 (highlighted in the financial narrative and board deck).

Every major brand or their agency should have a DevHub. We are the foundational element to all marketing efforts.

During the 3rd Quarter we refreshed the DevHub.com site to include our product range and simplify our messaging - one platform, many different experiences. We also included the company history beginning 2007. We are also considering updating our office space beginning 1st QTR 2019.

All in all the pulse you should feel is real. DevHub is growing and we are making the right investments in people, clients and growth.

Thank you for your continued support and guidance.    

***These notes were from the 3rd Quarter Board Meeting (October 2018). Some information was redacted.