New Features this week

March 3, 2009

Welcome to the second week of the DevHub public beta! Sites and users continue to grow and our network is now upgraded to handle the surge. Alongside minor fixes to our current system, we have been working hard this week to pump out a new set of features for the DevHub community.

We wanted to update you all about these new features before the weekend, as it drastically improves what you can do with the DevHub platform!

New Features this week

  • Subdomain launch - Yoursitename . devhub . com is now a reality. Get yours while you can and launch your site!
  • Affiliate Program - Earn additional revenue from the DevHub users you refer to the platform!

Major Updates/Fixes addressed this week

  • News Module - Single page view resolved
  • SSL certification - Encrypted data transfer for account information and reporting
  • Password reset tweaks

On Deck next week

  • Blogging/CMS Lite early next week - Basic adding of posts. More robust version coming soon.
  • Full color editing - Early next week
  • WordPress blog ingestion tool - Early next week
  • IE7 browser support - Working on final bugs
  • Entertainment-based modules - You're gonna love these!

Don't forget to log in to DevHub and let us know what you think of our new features and additions!

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