DevHub Weekend Update - Robust Blogging/Content Editor & Featured Site Gallery!

March 9, 2009


The third exciting week of DevHub is now under our belts and the community of site creators continues to grow, both in terms of types of users (entrepreneurs, artists, affiliate marketers, bloggers) and internationally (Korea, Japan, Russia, UK, Germany, and more)!

We are also pleased to see the amount of people now availing of the subdomain feature ( Please make sure to actually create something on the subdomains you have reserved, however. Due to the high volume of subdomain requests, subdomains not developed within two months wiil be reclaimed and provided to those will develop on them.

As always, we work hard every week to have new features added to the DevHub platform. Hopefully you have some time this weekend to check out the newest ones below!

New Features this week

  • Robust Blogging / Content Editor - Change text size, color, font and more. Place pictures within each text entry. Undo/redo functionality. Bullets and ordered lists (great way to easily add content to your pages). Edit HTML code!
  • Featured Site Gallery - The best sites submitted to us and included as featured sites in the newsletter are now placed in a Featured Site Gallery on the DevHub site -- free promotion and valuable link for those who make it. Use this gallery as inspiration and hopefully one day one of your sites appear in the gallery!

Major Updates/Fixes addressed this week

  • Full international character support - Russian, Japanese, etc.
  • Three-columns layout upgrade
  • Contact form spam filter upgrade
  • Double quotes in editor fix
  • Delete/re-add domains fix

On Deck next week

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Full color editing
  • Google Webmaster Tools + XML Sitemap support
  • Additional Blog Features - WordPress blog ingestion tool and categories

Don't forget to log in to DevHub and let us know what you think of our new features and additions!

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Featured sites of the week

Have a cool site you created on DevHub that you would like featured? Send it to us at!

Also don't forget you now have the ability to earn on referrals to DevHub, simply click on 'My Referrals' once entering your DevHub account. Here is an example banner:

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