DevHub Weekend Update - A little bit of Form, a lot more of Function

March 17, 2009


Straight from the House of DevHub, we've got a mix of fashion and functionality for you as we head into the work week. For the form-conscious, we released the flux full-color template, allowing you to tweak every color aspect of your site. For the meat and potatoes crowd, we've focused this week on adding new features that are geared towards increasing a site's exposure and traffic. Either way, we've got you covered.

No excuses this week not to log into DevHub and update your sites with the latest features!

New Features

  • Twitter notification: Twitter is the next biggest thing on the internet, aside from DevHub of course ;). With this new integration, DevHeads can easily update their Twitter followers of their site launches and updates. Just go into your "My Account" section and configure your Twitter settings. Don't know what Twitter is? Get you some Twitter love here:
  • Google Webmaster Tools + Google Analytics: Many of you have asked about it, and now you've got it. By going into 'site settings' area of the Site Editor, you can now validate your site and add analytics for Google. Remember to be confident in the quality of your site before exposing it to the big G!
  • Bookmarking widget: Simply drag and drop the bookmark widget onto each page of your site and allow users to easily share what they've found with their contacts over email or on sites like FaceBook, Digg, Delicious, and more.
  • Full Color Editing (flux theme): Now you can fully control the palette of your site, from text to button color to navigation. Time to get a little crazy with color schemes...

Major Updates/Fixes Addressed

  • Major increase to site editor speed! Zing!

On Deck This Week

  • Domain registration directly within DevHub (partnership with Demand Media/eNom)
  • Domain Name Server resolution improvements
  • Additional Blog Features - WordPress blog ingestion tool, categories, comment controls
  • Google XML sitemap support

Log in to DevHub and let us know what you think of our new features and additions!

Featured Sites Of The Week

Don't forget to submit your sites to if you think your site is up to it!

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