How to 'Pimp Out' your DevHub Site!

March 23, 2009


Featured Site Of The Week

This week's featured site shows the true potential of what can be created on DevHub using just standard platform tools! Inspiration this week comes from DevHead DJ Jones, who submitted his site: (below), a music video countdown site. According to DJ, it took him a few hours to create and he was kind enough to share with us and the DevHead community how it was done.

Here's how he did it...

  • For Shiny Black Color Scheme - use flux full-color theme and change site background, head background, head highlight, body background, and nav hover background to black (#000000). For the rest of the color scheme, make sure to use off-white (easier on the eyes) or bright colors to stand out against the dark background. He also widened his site to 1000 pixels wide and used 3 columns.
  • For Cool Web2.0 Logo - go to Creatr, a very easy and free Web2.0 logo generator -- and choose the reflective theme. Make sure background transparency is on. Right click save, click on logo edit button back in DevHub, and upload your new logo. This tool can also be used to create titles for columns and shiny buttons.
  • For Creating Top Ten List - go to 'blog' in the DevHub editor. In reverse order (#10 to #1), create a separate blog entry for each thing on the list, and put the ranking number in the title.
    • To add cool things like video copy the 'embed code' from the source, click on the HTML button (bottom right corner of editor with <>) in the DevHub blog editor, and paste it in (add <br /> between code already there and code you paste to add a line break). Click the HTML button again to publish. Find videos and music players on Imeem, Youtube, Hulu, and mostly wherever there is an embed code -- remember to provide attribution when needed!
    • To be able to create different lists group list entries into the same category (i.e. "Hip-Hop Top Ten 3.23.09"). Then in the site editor, drag and drop the 'blog entries' module, and choose a category to display a particular list.
  • For Placing the Right Products Next to Entries - Drag and drop the 'products' module into a column to the left or right. This one takes a little bit of guess work. For a particular entry, enter in the maximum results available, and see what comes out. If you find a particular product that matches your entry, enter that exact title in the product keyword field, choose 1 item, and you should be able to have the exact product you want displayed next to your blog entry.
  • Other Tips
    • Add an about page to make your site look more professional. You can create an empty category in the navigation menu with spaces to space out your about section from other entries in the navigation bar.
    • Add to the richness of your page with things like an explanation for each page, playing with font sizes and colors in the text editor, adding a 'news module', and uploading pictures to space things out.
    • Don't forget to maximize SEO for each page by adding meta title and keywords and the 'bookmark this' module to each page.

Hopefully a site like DJ's inspires the rest of you DevHeads to log into DevHub and update your sites with the latest features and tricks. Once you've pimped your own site out, don't forget to submit them to to be featured in next week's newsletter and the DevHub Site Gallery!

New Features This Update

  • Super Affiliate $20k Bonus! Bonuses in this economy are hard to come by or in the case of AIG, hard to keep. To help supplement your income during these hard times, DevHub announces the Super Affiliate $20K payout for anyone that sends enough users to DevHub to reach $5,000 in their affiliate account by the end of the year! Go to the Bonus Payout page for more details.
  • New Blog Features: More features added to the blogging tool. You can now categorize entries and then display those entries based on category. This allows you to essentially create multiple blogs within your site! Comment controls are now also available, allowing you to delete comments for each entry.
  • Twitter Notification: DevHeads now tying into Twitter continues to to grow and has helped boost their traffic. Simply go to 'My Account', click on Twitter Settings, and add your Twitter account. Now your Twitter crowd is updated daily with your blog posts, site updates, and site launches!
  • Google XML Sitemap: Adding to the ability to add Google Webmaster Verification and Analytics (via 'Site Settings'), this week we launched automatic Google XML sitemaps for each site. You can now add this sitemap to your Google Webmaster Tools. Your sitemap should be available at:

Major Updates/Fixes Addressed

  • Ability to use A-record instead of DNS switch to launch your site.
  • Bookmarking widet fix - Simply drag and drop the bookmark widget onto each page of your site and allow users to easily share what they've found with their contacts over email or on sites like FaceBook, Digg, Delicious, and more.

On Deck This Week

  • Pagebuilder - wizard to more rapidly create DevHub pages
  • How-to / Tips and Tricks on DevHub
  • Network Search - quality sites will be indexed and searchable
  • 3rd Party Development Services - DomainPhoenix and 99designs
  • Domain registration directly within DevHub via eNOM/DemandMedia partnership

Don't forget to login to DevHub and let us know what you think of our new features and additions!

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