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July 29, 2010

On the DevHub platform, you can now develop what you've always wanted and get rewarded monetarily for it. By combining the network potential of thousands of independent sites, DevHub is able to bring in a wide range of partners, affiliates, and monetization channels from across the web and place them in an easy to use drag-and-drop modules in the DevHub editor.

Making the most of your sites:

No longer are you stuck with just ads provided to you by text ad networks.

No need to go sign up and keep track of multiple ad accounts with varying report formats.

DevHub brings it all in one centralized creation, monetization, and reporting platform. Like Google Adsense or the Yahoo! Publisher Network, how much you can actually earn from your websites depends on a number of various factors, including the quality of the traffic on your site, the number of real users you are able to bring to your site, and the type of monetization modules you place on your site.

DevHub monetization channels vary in the way you can generate revenue, from payment-per-impression (PPM), payment-per-click (PPC), payment-per-action (PPA), and payment-per-lead (PPL). You receive a portion of all revenues generated from all revenue channels on your site and these channels are reported in the DevHub reporting dashboard.

The best way to find out the true earning potential of your site's is to sign up and start placing modules on your web pages. Remember to keep the integrity of your sites high, as we must analyze your sites for quality. Check out's Free Website Builder