Update on XP, Coins, and Devatars

August 17, 2010

Hi DevHeads, since about 7 PM yesterday, our database partner who handles DevHub's tallies for xp, coins, and Devatars has been having problems with their servers.

Initially, this brought DevHub.com down, but our team reacted quickly to decouple game features (for now) from site building features.  Shortly after our partner's reported problem, DevHub's editing and usual features were back up with no problems. 

You will see once you go into your DevHub editor that your xp, coins, and Devatars are at 0.  Don't worry, you have not lost your coins and points (or been robbed, as one DevHead thought).  Once our partner is back up, you will see everything restored to normal.  (It is encouraging to see how much our users value their XP and coins.)

Remember, to get up to date information straight from the DevHub team, follow us on twitter:  http://twitter.com/devhub.

UPDATE (8/17):  We have received an update from our game database partners, and their best estimate to get the game elements (xp, coins, Devatars) back to normal will be 7:30 PM PT today (8/17).  Remember, you can still build on DevHub.com despite xp and coins not being tallied!!

UPDATE  (8/18 9:40am): As you may have noticed, the coins and xp are still not live. Our partner is working relentlessly to get things back up. They tell they are closer, but can't guarantee a specific time yet :( Don't let that stop you from building, the editor still works just as good as usual!

UPDATE  (8/18 11:20pm): So finally got additional word from our partners who handle our game database that they should finally be back up in the next few hours.  Once this is back, it will take us about half an hour to revert everything to normal.  Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE  (8/19 11:10am): It didn't happen last night (read: wee hours of the morning) but they just told us it will be back by the end of the business day. You might notice some things missing, but our partner tell us they will being rolling that out over the next few days so don't worry, be HAPPY! Again, thanks for being patient.

Here's a quote from an email we received this morning regarding this: "...the new system is
just too much fun, starting to get withdrawals..."- C.K.