From the CEO - Aug 21st

August 24, 2010

Welcome to another edition of your personalized DevHub Weekly Times, news about the Online Empire you are building on This week, I want to talk about free promotion of the sites you are building, much of which we already have incorporated within DevHub. If you want to build up a readership of your blog or visitors to your online store, then make sure you take advantage of the following:

Promote your site/posts on FaceBook and Twitter. Your immediate social circle is your best way to get the visitor cycle going. Think about the virality... Each post you make can be shared by your own FB friends or Twitter followers and they can share it with their contacts. DevHub makes this easy by offering to post your blog posts directly to FaceBook and Twitter.

Increase your chances of Getting Ranked for Keywords in Google, Yahoo!, Bing. Once your site is further along, make sure to do the task in the DevHub Stream regarding metatags and metadescription for each of your pages. Use keywords for the terms you want to rank for. This is rich information the Search Engines use to figure out what your site is about.

There's one more regarding Google, but you're gonna have to find it in the DevHub Stream!

Game on...
Geoffrey Nuval