From the CEO - Sept 9th

September 9, 2010

Greetings DevHeads!

It's been almost two months since DevHub's re-launch, and the network of DevHub users has already grown to over 50,000! This week, we've been working on a new tool and template for users who are interested in rapidly creating a bunch of sites that earn them real money.

The new tool is our ClickBank module, which you'll find in the 'Make Money' section in the DevHub editor tool tray. Find this tool in DevHub and search for thousands of new offers a week that you can build into a revenue-generating site!

The new theme is Freshly Squeezed, which you'll find in 'Styles and Colors' when you create a site in the Promote Products track. This template is a narrow, one-paged theme that is focused on 'squeezing' visitors on your site to click on the offer presented to them.

Put these two together and you can easily create numerous money-making sites based on ClickBank affiliate offers. This is one of a number of affiliate marketing integrations slated over the next few weeks. The last part is to drive traffic to these sites, which you can easily do by signing up for an account with Google Adwords ($75 credit for free) and bidding on keywords.

With this latest offering from DevHub, getting into the online affiliate marketing game has never been this easy!

Game on...
Geoffrey Nuval