This Week at DevHub HQ

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Update for week ending July 31st, 2016

This week at DevHub we honed our skills from demos, to on boarding to responsiveness. Below is a recap of the week's notable events:

Mobile Marketing Service for Agencies and Media Groups via MobiKite available on DevHub

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As mobile continues to gain market share of search and engagement DevHub sought partnerships with mobile marketing solutions. Today we proud to annouce MobiKite as one of our newest vendors for mobile marketing solutions including Mobile Coupons and Client Loyalty with an integrated Email and Text Message Notification. 

3 ways that make MobiKite unique:

  • Innovative - mobile coupons and client loyalty management 
  • White Labeled - platform you control
  • Mobile Marketing Dashboard - clients can easily manage unlimited campaigns and review program analytics

"MobiKite delivers very low cost and high value bundled mobile marketing solutions," Tom Stevens President/ MobiKite Inc. 

We are ready to have MobiKite as part of our vendor/ plugin community.

Ready to see Mobile Marketing in your DevHub instance? Schedule a demo now.  


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Post originally appeared on Medium here on 7/28/2016


Jumping right in…this week we have had 6 discovery calls leading to 6 immediate demos around Google’s Expanded Text Ad requirements.

DevHub solves for the “proxy URL deprecation,” or “deprecation of Whitelisted Proxies.”

Here are some of the ways we handle proxies within DevHub:

1) Domains You Register or Control (no customer involvement needed)
a) Group sites underneath a common domain (most proxy tech supports this)
b) Register a domain for the customer, dedicated to the proxy
c) Register a domain for the customer and use subdomains for each campaign
2) Domains Owned by Customers
a) Proxy lives as a subdomain of the customer’s primary domain
Customer Involvement: Customer must set a DNS record to point to our servers
b) Proxy lives under a subdirectory within their primary domain
Customer Involvement: Customer must give access to their server configuration or have a tech contact on their side that can do this for them. Not all hosting providers will support this option.

DevHub’s Landing Page and Proxy solutions both support flexible URL optionswhich allow its partners to manage campaigns on custom domains or even under a Customer’s existing domain.

With our proprietary migration tech, we are able to match sites/ landing pages 100% so our customers and their end customers do not know the difference. Unifying all disparate landing page campaigns, websites, vertical specific solutions on DevHub is easy and safe; which is quite the opposite of how companies use their CMS today.

Every company needs DevHub to build a scalable future…it’s a mindset.

Platform Migration Scenario: Google ETA and Landing Pages

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POST ORIGINALLY appeared on LinkedIn on 7/25/2016

This week we have several presentations about how DevHub solves for Google’s new requirements for URLs in expanded text ads.

In case you do not know what the Google Expanded Text Ads update is all about here are a couple resources: Search Engine LandWordstreamGoogle.

In short...

Google will be rolling out their new Expanded Text Ads to all partners soon. Part of these requirements is a change that affects multiple premier partners currently using sub-domains or proxy domains for Customer campaigns.

Partners have previously been able to create Ad Units that show the Customer's Domain or Website URL, but have the link from the Ad go to a different destination. With these new URL requirements, partners now don't have that option and the Ad Unit will automatically show the final destination URL.

"Google organic search and AdWords policies are always top of mind for us. This has included matching Display URLs with Destination URLs when managing campaigns," explained Daniel Rust co-Founder/ CTO of DevHub.

With DevHub's proprietary migration tech, we are able to match sites/ landing pages 100% so our customers and their end customers do not know the difference. Unifying all disparate landing page campaigns, websites, vertical specific solutions on DevHub is easy and safe; which is quite the opposite of what is being offered today.

Earlier this month we released 80% of our documentation with the remaining 20% available upon request. We think the platform as a service should be different. We decided to release the secret sauce to help our current and potential partners to have the flexibility to move between platforms while maintaining consistency which is paramount in managing web experiences at scale.

DevHub's Landing Page and Proxy solutions both support flexible URL options which allow its partners to manage campaigns on custom domains or even under a Customer's existing domain.

Every company needs DevHub to build a scalable future…it's a mindset.

Reputation Management via ShoutAboutUs available on DevHub

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Every day we get asked by our customers, "who do you recommend for reputation management?" At DevHub we work with our customers’ existing relationships and stay "like Switzerland," as tech companies often say referring to the notion that we stay out of choosing one platform over another. 

Recently we vetted ShoutAboutUs an exciting Reputation Management Platform that we can integrate directly into the DevHub dashboard that you use every day. 

3 ways that make ShoutAboutUs unique:

  • Wicked Smart - via proprietary analytics by IBM Watson's partner integration. 
  • Robust Monitoring - reviews over 40+ sites and reports by brand, region and location
  • Take Action - Respond to reviews as easy as sending text or let SAU Respond For You!

"Get guaranteed increase in reviews with improved ratings," - Griff Emery President/ Founder SAU

We are ready to have ShoutAboutUs as part of our vendor/ plugin community.

Ready to see Reputation Management in your DevHub instance? Schedule a demo now.  

SERIES: The Types of Inquires We Get (ep.1.0)

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POST ORIGINALLY appeared on LinkedIn

I'm the co-Founder of DevHub, a platform that allows companies to manage entire web experiences in one place. We have helped global agencies, national brands, media companies, regional companies and technology providers build a scalable future aimed at local markets and improved their current product offerings.  

Everyday we get inquires like: 

"I'm not a huge fan of wordpress, but we don't have the bandwidth to manage this at this time, especially since the person in charge of this is a wordpress wizard already."

"I'm interested to find out more about your migration technology and how it can be used in migrating our 4,000+ sites off Wordpress w/ potential for more."

"I'm interested in the private label services and potentially the do it for me services. We see 10+ websites per month and do them all in house. Now we only give away a free website on Wix (which is terrible)."
DevHub's power comes from unifying disparate web platforms in order to scale customer strategies. Most all of the inquiries we receive happen at a pain point of around 25 sites/ landing pages under management and they finally had enough of the security issues, plugin fails, lack of permission controls...etc.

We first seamlessly migrate all of the existing sites/ landing pages into DevHub and then get ready to scale.

Some benefits of DevHub:

  • Centralized control of the ecosystem of sites/ landing pages
  • DevHub ability to migrate/move sites in bulk to new layouts/designs
  • All Site data stored in a structured way (Pages, Modules, Location details, Macros)
  • Proxy pages for campaign tracking and Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Roll-up of Analytics data across regional, location, and proxy/campaign landing pages
  • Ability to grant access to grant access to production and marketing teams respectively
  • Granular permission controls on what data the end user has access to view or edit
  • Ability to add 3rd Party Integrations via vetted vendors

This is the beginning of what DevHub has to offer the markets we serve and potentially can serve. We aim to be the leader at building a sustainable future for scaling different types of websites and landing pages with the goal of being a silent partner in many companies successes.

Get the latest Agendize CRM with your current instance of DevHub

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Summer’s getting hot, and you know how crazy hard it is to stay organized. That’s why Agendize recently launched its CRM V3, giving you the ability to manage your contacts and apps while also keeping your cool. In the new CRM, you’ll find:

  • Reduced load times and optimized experience
  • Modernized design with smooth transitions
  • A more organized platform to better manage your clients and data

And it’s all available on your current instance of DevHub 6.0.0. Upgrade or start now to book more appointments with your clients and make every part of your relationships more efficient.

This week at DevHub HQ

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Update for week ending July 24th, 2016. 

Busy week at DevHub as we gear up for our summer rush. Below is a recap of the past week's notable events:

GeekWire 200 DevHub

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We love being in Seattle and supporting our customers around the world from our Downtown HQ; and it was nice to wake up today to the news that we made the GeekWire 200 - a monthly ranking of the hottest tech companies in the Pacific Northwest.

For more visit: GeekWire 200

UPDATE: Google Expanded Text Ad Capabilities

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This is an update to DevHub's previous post on Google ETA

With Google's newly expanded text ads...brand advertisers, franchise outlets, and local advertisers have the opportunity to help their text ads work harder. At DevHub we are ahead of the curve, having already built in new Google expanded text requirements for URLs into the platform and templates. Utilizing DevHub Proxy for this offers our users immediate use of the expanded text ads across all devices. 

Google Ad Component New Expanded Text Option Available on DevHub
Headlines Two 30-character headlines YES
Description Line One consolidated 80-character description line YES
URL Display Domain automatically extracted from final URL to ensure accuracy. Ability to customize the URL path. YES

DevHub is the first platform to offer the customization of URLs for ad campaigns through our builder. Take advantage of new ways to generate text ad conversions. Contact DevHub or learn more about DevHub Proxy.

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