DevHub Checklist

General Capabilities
Provide a website development platform that allows for scalable creation of websites
Provide a website development platform that provides pre-designed templates (possibly by industry) that can be used to build a website within
The ability to customize a template for use with one website and not effect the master template that is used on other websites
The ability to utilize the platform to build custom websites and web functions within the same framework and structure of the template-based websites
The ability to provide end-user advertiser businesses a basic Content Management System for editing the content of their website
Has a standard library of module functionality that may be configured and customized for each advertiser. Modules should include: Photo gallery, Social applications, site search applications, custom forms, video embed, new pages, basic shopping functionality, blog, etc.
Has a standard library of apps and integrations with popular systems, services, products and platforms (online chat, crm, email systems, etc.)
Provide 24/7 support services through email and/or web-based ticket system
Provide support services from 5:30 AM PST to 8:30 PM PST through voice
The ability to change website design template in real-time on any website developed within the platform
The ability to create a one-page landing page with no other sub pages or menu
Platform and Interface Capabilities
The ability to manage, revise, delete and change existing templates and themes
The ability to store each website in an organized format with tags or category management that may be customized. Examples may include industry, affiliate sales market, advertiser location, etc.
The ability to inject tracking scripts in the form of pixels, javascript and other tags on a per website and per page basis
The ability to utilize multiple phone numbers for the advertiser business within one website
The ability to rename pages in the <title> tag and main menu item
The ability to add and delete pages in unlimited amount
The ability to customize basic SEO functions that would include Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Title tags, and other Meta data
Ability to reorder the page elements by drag and drop or other efficient user interface
Ability to edit all pieces of content within the template
Ability to customize DNS entries for email hosting or other CNAME, A or MX records necessary
The ability to customize image title tags
The ability to customize or choose the no-index, no-follow meta tag
Provide a reporting interface that includes basic traffic and web analytics data
Provide exporting capabilities in Microsoft Excel format through the reporting interface
Provide reporting that will be able to be delivered on a scheduled basis through Microsoft Excel or other data format
Provide agency level reporting capabilities through the reporting interface that will produce roll-up reports of all accounts, campaigns, and adgroups
Provide an interface that has a sophisticated user structure and permission levels
The ability to customize the name of the website within the administrative platform interface
Ability to edit sites on laptop and desktop.
The ability to have one standard privacy policy that is customized by variable for each advertiser website
The ability to select from a library of endorsement logos to show on the website in standard placements and formats
Technology Capabilites
The ability to develop websites on a consistent framework using industry-standard technology and programming languages
The ability to have wufoo forms built-in to each website where any form application would be applied
The ability to use a standard form technology (no Wufoo and within the platform) and ability to customize the form.
The ability to utilize more than one custom form per website and per page
The ability to utilize third-party applications that provide javascript or other embed type applications
The websites developed are to be 100% responsive in design providing mobile friendly websites
End product load time of Desktop: Less than 8 seconds, Mobile: less than 12 seconds
The ability to utilize a location map (preferably Google Maps) that supports multiple locations
Ability to purchase, register and apply a custom domain name in real-time using an API with a domain registrar
The ability to customize the email address and subject line of form fill responses.
The ability to have a customized auto-reply email sent to the individual who filled out a form on a website
The ability to send a form fill response to multiple email addresses, and through an api or other feed integration
The ability to save the form fill response data within a database and send to other systems through an API or other feed
Provide all reporting metrics through an API in real-time
The ability to have the standard markup applied to each website
The ability to create mobile-only or mobile-native websites
The ability to create a mobile-only or mobile-native website in the form of a conversion of a desktop website
Web Development Services
The ability to provide website design and development services
The ability to project manage the design and development cycle to turn around websites within a short period of time ie: 2 weeks for template sites and 4 weeks for custom sites
The ability to provide a software solution for design information collection, design review and website approval
The ability to accept and pass out information from the website development management software solution via external APIs