DevHub and Stripe For Easy Commerce

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DevHub and Stripe

DevHub supports Stripe, sites being built using DevHub can easily add Stripe for commerce. Creating simple e-commerce stores at scale has never been easier. DevHub can show you live examples when ready.

3 Ways Stripe is unique:

  • Easy - No complicated Merchant signup process. SMB merchants can create a free Stripe account in minutes
  • Branded - Transactions show the SMB's name on Credit Card statements
  • Robust Features - Built in subscriptions, prorating, and coupon codes

Learn more about DevHub and Stripe today. 

Mobile Web, Adtech and Martech

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Martech Landscape Scott Brinker DevHub

Today, DevHub sits in a crowded landscape of over 3,500 solutions companies, startups/ platforms. The difference is we play in a lot of different ‘boxes’ while still remaining foundational to web experiences. Traffic from paid media or search needs to land somewhere and we are seeing over 83% of traffic coming from mobile search. 

Too often we see the marketing teams building one off sites/ landing pages and then advertising teams driving traffic...only later to find out that a tracking pixel was left out on an event, therefore the data is gapped. 

Many online ads are measured in click through rates which should also include what happens next - actions - calls, text, store visits, appointments, purchases...etc. When DevHub is deployed by a marketing team and integrated into a programmatic strategy; tracking of analytics generated from landing pages helps tell a full story of a visitor. Conversion data on specific landing pages shows where to optimize campaigns and content to enhance a visitor's experience and increase ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). 

Martech CMS DevHub Web Experience

DevHub is your hub between Martech and Adtech. Learn more. 

New Rules Of Multi Site CMS

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Enough with the bespoke platforms favored by traditional designers. It’s time to turn those designers into innovative developers; executing at the highest level - scale. 

Be Rad: Win the team, impress the customer.

DevHub recently won an agency contract that had been in the works for years. Like: since 2014. The agency had tried using the long established  model of building one off sites using current CMS platforms but then having to make individual changes across thousands of unique sites. This became a nightmare. But the one thing you need right away is a thoughtful and robust CMS to handle the curveballs customers will throw your way. Enter DevHub. 

Pull your team into a room and strategize. Trust us. 

Yes, you could easily start going the conventional CMS route, but (1) its not cheap in the long run and (2) you’re creating more work. Here are three better (and cheaper) ways DevHub wins at scaling.

Multi Site CMS

Kinda Cheap: Master Template

You hate the word ‘template,’ but there’s a better word for it - theme. Build the site ‘theme’ structure once and replicate.   

Even Cheaper: Cloning

Take a pre built template and ‘clone it’ content included. Any macros that you’ve used in content SEO tags..etc; are then shown on the new site. 

Freakin Cheap: API Driven

Use the DevHub API to fully automate the creation and management of sites and landing pages without even entering the site builder or dashboard.

DevHub On Vetted Partners, Plugins and Integrations

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DevHub Integrations

Every Friday DevHub announces new vetted partners, integrations and/ or plugins available to users. DevHub is introduced to these solutions from existing/ potential users looking for ways to consolidate the many Ad:Tech/ MarTech offerings into one hub.
DevHub (for now) is at ease being a robust multi site CMS, while our true story is still being defined. Our use cases are vast but all have one thing in common...integrations. Our bring it-with-you approach reflects our commitment to our customers and their end-users. Unfortunately, on your own you’d never know DevHub powers agencies, media companies and technology providers across the globe; your competitive review will show them winning, but it won’t show you how they do it. Below is a list of (some) of our vetted partners and integrations that make DevHub your Hub for web experience management. 

Meet the 37 (so far and in no specific order) add-ons to DevHub

Google Tag Manager - Marketers using DevHub can easily add and update website tags for conversion tracking and site analytics on any of their DevHub sites/ landing pages.
ReachEdge - Lead conversion software specifically designed for local businesses.
NavAds - Most complete solution for content ingestion into the leading mapping databases.
Shoprocket -  Add eCommerce to your existing website and start selling online in 5 minutes.
Textbroker - Unique content at scale.
Nuvi - Real time data visualizations
ShoutAboutUs - Online review management software
Mobitkite - Mobile focused marketing tools including coupons, loyalty rewards, text/ email.
SweetIQ - Local marketing campaigns to drive conversions from local search
NewRelic - Performance monitoring
Leftronic - Dashboards - Payments
PingUp - Online Booking/ Scheduling
Twilio - Call tracking numbers and analytics
Stripe - Payments
Rackspace - Webmail, seamlessly - Analytics
Cloudflare - 100% uptime/ DDoS Protection
Bigstock - Royalty free photos
iPromote - Ads to Landing Pages
Agendize - High performance scheduling/ booking widgets at scale
eNom - Domain registration baked into DevHub - Seamless domain registration within DevHub workflow
Google Analytics - Built right into the DevHub platform. 
Sokrati - Programmatic Marketing
CanIRank - SEO tech/ agency
Telmetrics - Call tracking and analytics
SiteWit - A great team and simple SEM wizard
Matchcraft - SEM campaigns with DevHub's high-conversion verticalized landing pages
TalkLocal - Generate local leads
ActCloud - simple CRM for small businesses
Vendasta - Reputation monitoring
SOCI - one of the best social media management tools we’ve come across
Optimizely - A/B testing at scale
AffinityX - Scalable production
Local Market Launch - Business listing management 

For this list visit DevHub Integrations

Meet DevHub; Added Value Partner And A New Revenue Stream

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Preface: We are on our 8th year of operating DevHub; it has never been more fun. The market is screaming for a robust “Do It All’ multi-site CMS and DevHub is that tried-and-tested protocol. 


There is a path to follow when you need to create hundreds or thousands of sites. It’s simple: DevHub creates the protocol; you create the sites, landing pages, regional sites and more. What does this mean for you? Take a look at the amount of time you need to spend as a function of the number of sites, landing pages etc that you build. 


Today, DevHub sits between website builder and CMS. With DevHub, there is an initial investment to get everything up and running, however once that is done you can create and deploy an unlimited number of sites or landing pages essentially by just adding a few rows to a database. Many of our current clients hit that breaking point and realized there must be a better way of building things. DevHub is that better way. 

To see DevHub in action take a look at some of the problems we have solved (we are just getting started)...from agencies looking at unifying a disparate client, national brands looking to create local sites controlled by local managers, media companies looking to offer digital products to their small business customers, regional companies looking to offer a vertical solution and technology providers who are looking to complete their product story/ funnel.

STARTING AT SCALE: We know that 'platform migration' or 'replatforming' can be a dirty word; we also know that these exercises can also help your organization better adapt to market demands, Google's whims, and security issues, it is a defining decision for any team/ org and DevHub is your partner for the long haul. Reduce cost and production inefficiencies, maintaining SEO, giving more flexibility to small businesses, modernizing platform and introducing new products are all reasons for doing a platform migration.

RUNNING AN AGENCY: DevHub is the world’s most complete, open and integrated web experience platform in the market; and we have the industry knowledge to support best practices for our users. DevHub provides the complete technology stack – engineering, utilization, customization, training and support SLA’s at every level of use. DevHub is optimized to scale with your demands and integrate with vetted vendors. So the last thing you are worried about is “are sites up?”


• DevHub works with you to scope the project, select the best strategy, define goals/ objectives and define cost and timelines. 

• The DevHub team will carefully analyze your current workflows and possible constraints such as: partnerships, resources, road maps, dependencies, and operational requirements. 

• When appropriate, DevHub will build a proposal that includes timeline, service level agreements and cost. 

We work together, we design together to get results for customers and teams.

Get Ready For Something Fresh

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DevHub’s latest release 6.1.3 demonstrates everything that’s good about protocol for multi-site development.

The swirling dark storm clouds are massing in the ever changing landscape of web search. Even now - agencies and media companies alike - are realizing building on top of bespoke platforms are getting harder to manage at scale. But there is a silver lining. While most continue to ignore security issues or the rapidly changing mobile consumer; progressive Product Managers, Chief Marketing Officers and Developers rally around platforms like DevHub to execute efficiently at scale.

Whether rolling out Corporate to Local strategies or migrating en masse entire landing page portfolios; these forward thinking managers win a lot of clout when their strategies win. What’s more, their entire team is happy about the product being delivered to the customer on time and within budget. 

This September, we beefed up analytics through Mixpanel, optimized our multi-location product, crossed 1,600,000 sites/ landing pages built, expanded support of Google Tag Manager, Integrated Small Business CRM, Integrated Lead Conversion software by Reach Edge and more.

In a few more days we will beginning our 4th business quarter. This is also Daniel and I’s 8th year anniversary and a reflection of how far we have came since 2007/2008 (depending on who you ask ;)  

DevHub is now creating its own market within the CMS landscape and cranking up something new everyday. So expect plenty of announcements in October and more wins than ever.  

This Week At DevHub HQ

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Update for week ending September 25, 2016.

Milestones. This week we passed over 1,600,000 sites/ landing pages built on DevHub. Additionally, we will start to publish more numbers about DevHub. Here is a recap of this week's notable events:

DevHub on Instagram

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Follow DevHub on Instagram at:

DevHub supports Google Tag Manager

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Google Tag Manager DevHub

DevHub supports Google Tag Manager, marketers using DevHub can easily add and update website tags for conversion tracking and site analytics on any of their DevHub sites/ landing pages. DevHub can quickly show you how to roll tags out to your sites/ landing pages en masse or one off.

3 Ways Google Tag Manager is unique:

Easy - avoid manually having to add tags
Control - you can add or change tags as needed at scale across your DevHub sites
Cross functional - Google Tag manager makes it easy for developers to deploy but easy enough for marketing folks

Learn more about DevHub and Google Tag Manager today. 

Random Thoughts on CMS...Do It All!

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Note: this post is about a bunch of ideas, experiences and DevHub.

Selecting a CMS, especially if you’re doing so with the aim of re-platforming (aka trying something new), can be daunting. We’ve learned a lot over the years from a wide spectrum of CMS platforms - to get real insight into what actually works for specific use cases.

The first thing to ask is, what do you want to accomplish? If you just want to build a single site for yourself, fine; you can do that with Wordpress, SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, Drupal, hand code,   (we published a list here). Some people want to see the most beautiful site; I hate to say that happens a lot. Most people want to build a graphically rich style site showcasing the best of what they/ business does and yet want visitors to order, click, call, schedule or purchase. That could be a challenge.

In the beginning we asked ourselves what is most important for users of a CMS. We thought that people wanted to design their own site, they don’t! Now, the commercials that say design your site for free, or get a beautiful site up and running in minutes are great; however the default is you want someone to build your site for you. What goes into building a site: logo, about/ content, how many pages, images (royalty free at the minimum unless you have your own), proper titles, SEO best practices and more and more and more. How many people have that time while also running their business? There is a market for these people and I mentioned those above and here.

DevHub is more focused toward the digital marketing companies, ad agencies, national brands, performance marketing companies, media companies and technology companies that want to build something for someone or themselves...but at scale.

There are generally two factors that these types of orgs consider when selecting a CMS. 1) Building sites for multiple end customers 2)  building and managing sites for a client i.e. national brands, ad agencies...etc There is a wave of shit CMS’s out there. It was inevitable as many of the original CMS’s were limited to templates and constantly evolving code bases. There was no way DevHub would fall into that.

We built first a scalable platform i.e. build 1 to 1,000,000 sites. Then we automated processes through our API driven architecture i.e. make changes across whole swaths of sites. Third, we built in the security and permission controls needed to allow all types of user skill sets to interact with the final output: typically a website.

But then we took a longer view of what a CMS should do. Once the structured data i.e. location information, business information, digital assets, content were in DevHub...what else could our users build? Enter: vertical specific solutions, landing pages, eCommerce, simple spec sites, location based sites, regional sites, proxied sites for campaigns...even location finders built for the modern era i.e. mobile...could ALL be built using the same DevHub.

DevHub’s take: Do It All!

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Responsive Sites

Manage thousands of websites on unique domains, devices, and services.

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Vertical Specific

Our unique approach to content management allows you to generate unlimited sites. Great for Real estate, Service based, multi-location, franchise etc...

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Build, manage, and track 10 to 10,000 campaigns running different domains.

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eCommerce Sites

Provide full featured eCommerce sites in seconds.

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Spec Sites

Show potential and existing customers their “name in lights” for sales acceleration.

Mobile Sites

Location Sites

Manage consistent branding, SEO, and campaigns from national to regional to local levels.

Mobile Sites

Regional Sites

Add another layer of digital real estate to extend a brand’s reach and marketing spend.

Mobile Sites

Proxy and TRACE

Campaign enablement at scale and Rapidly build localized pages.

DevHub is built on a modern Technology Stack