GeekWire 200 November Update

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GeekWire 200

November was a big month for DevHub as we on-boarded new customers and grew our team! DevHub jumped 12 spots on GeekWire's 200 Index: which highlights the hottest startups from Pacific Northwest tech companies (according to GeekWire). 

From GeekWire -- "here are...the other big movers this month"

  • Outreach, up 26 spots to number 68
  • Convoy, up 11 spots to number 108
  • Maana, up nine spots to number 121
  • Valant, up 10 spots to number 127
  • Context Relevant, up 11 spots to number 134
  • Thinkific, up 10 spots to number 151
  • Cody, up 16 spots to number 156
  • DevHub, up 12 spots to number 169
  • BrandVerity, up 16 spots to number 178

Conference Hustle

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What makes for a successful conference? From the celebrity ish guest speakers to the networking cocktail hours, a mixture of people who represent companies, brands, agencies - our CEO’s experience will ensure great conferencing.


At a recent conference in the Food Service Technology space (FSTEC) - DevHub had a booth and people on the ground. It was late September and there was a sense of excitement in meeting with the multi location brands we served through our agency customers. One of the keynotes was Howard Behar (former President of Starbucks) and the room at the Washington DC hotel was packed! Mr. Behar told very candid stories of the ups and downs during Starbucks early years and eventual rise.

As his time on stage came to a close, the room dispersed to the main exhibition hall lined with vendor booths - from sweet menu display technologies to online ordering software. I mingled around the room. After a sometime I came away with a small stack of about 12 business cards from different vendors - many who I followed up with at my office 72 hours later.

Conferences work because it's the face to face meetings which put a name to the insane amount of emails we all get.

Rules of conferencing:

  1. Dress appropriate - company polos/ gear are fine.

  2. Hygiene - too many times at conferences people have traveled from around the world to attend - leaving within 48 hours of arriving, so a shower may not have happened. It definitely needs too. Stink is not good for business.

  3. Vendors are your friends - often times vendors know or have done business with the customers you are trying to reach - connect with them first.

  4. Cocktail hour - when you are holding a drink (even water) and you make contact - say hello, it's easy.

  5. Wear the lanyard - its free advertising (do not hide in a blazer or vest.

  6. Off Sites - if possible suggest dinner or appetizers off site. This creates a simple but often times unforgettable experience (especially if the conference is in a city that either of you have been).

Mark Michael w/ Robert Irvine

Working with digital consultancies - Part 2

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digital consultancies marketing cloud
Positioning DevHub within specific markets is hard. We like to think of who we serve, as a graphical reference (baseball diamond). Here is part 2 of our series - Working with digital consultancies.  

Q: What overall philosophy governs your Company?

  • Continuous next generation
  • Systems are open and flexible, our enterprise clients have the ability to plug in and own their products. 
  • We partner with our clients to continually customize, optimize and improve effeciencies
  • People, process and product live and breathe with you, go-to market partners working together to continuously evolve and expand offerings

Our people, process and products live and breathe with you. We're go-to market partners who work with you to continuously evolve and expand our product offerings. Our systems are open and flexible, allowing enterprise partners to seamlessly plug-in and own their products and platform.

Q: Describe your Company’s area strength.

  • Leading edge technology and tech team with ties to search, trends and sustainable architecture 
  • The flexibility of our technology allows for rapid adaptation of the platform
  • Tech, go to market, sales acceleration. Robust managed services process allows for ongoing customizations, API integration, universal CMS strategies as our clients evolve

We employ a bold technology team with their finger on the pulse of where the future of search and digital experience is heading. We have developed proven go to market strategies and processes along with sales acceleration tools which empower our partners' sales teams to clearly demonstrate the value of thier powerful digital marketing tools in ways that both SMBs and large national brands can easily understand.

Closing thoughts and Part 3 on Thursday. 

WEBINAR: Generate Leads at Scale

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Don't have time for to focus on your Lead generation strategy? DevHub and Agendize are here to help.

Need to know how to efficiently deploy all their locations online with a unified CMS? Need to know how to maximize the wins you get from both marketing channels and engagements?

Register for our webinar on Thursday Dec 1, 2016.  Starting at 2pm EST, you'll learn how to take the destiny of your marketing efforts, creating unified systems that reach and engage customers with the high conversion and accurate reporting that creates real revenue.

See you at the webinar!

5 Years from now - A website is more than just a website

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A website is more than just a website

DevHub is the foundational hub of digital experiences (think sites) - and eventually powering most search - see schema based search + structured data.

What started as powering sites at scale became powering searchable data via structured data within DevHub. Once the data is in DevHub your outputs are essentially infinite - whether you are creating localized sites or syndicating data to location platforms (business listing management) or bolting on analytics for ad campaigns.

As mobilegedden was a thing 8 years after the launch of the iPhone - sites will need to be built with the correct up to date standards so that mobile users or connected devices can pull information relevant to the search via voice or targeted display - even location from a mobile indexed web (hint: Google is already making this real - link).

DevHub is on the forefront of the potential power of schema based search and mobile specific standards.

Building one off is not sustainable for companies managing hundreds/ 1000s of sites, landing pagesfranchise sites, regional sites etc. DevHub is a protocol for multi-site web development. Take a look at the amount of time spent as a function of the number of sites, landing pages etc that need to be updated, built.

It is much easier to build a single site and make changes, but as you build more and more sites, the amount of effort per site hardly decreases, and might even increase if you run into unknown issues. With DevHub, there is an initial investment to get everything up and running, however once that is done you can create and deploy an unlimited number of sites or landing pages essentially by just adding a few rows to a database. Now, that intersection point, as we have found, lies around 25 sites. Many of our current clients hit that breaking point and realized there must be a better way of building things. DevHub is that better way. To see some of the problems we have solved, give our case studies a read through.

When a reliable web/ mobile standard becomes ‘the standard’ be ready at scale. 

This Week at DevHub HQ

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Update for the week ending November 27, 2016.

Here is a recap of this week's notable events:


Working with Digital Consultancies - Part 1

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As DevHub begins working with digital consultancies, product/brand/digital marketing managers want to know more about DevHub’s longevity. Grab your team for this three part series.

Q: What position has your Company taken in the competitive digital environment?

DevHub is the first to marry marketing technologies (martech) and advertising technologies (adtech) with a thoughtfully robust  automated CMS platform which delivers the most scalable digital experience across high conversion websites, landing pages and everything in between.

The foundation of DevHub is our conversion-centric approach coupled with our knowledge of sustainable SEO, web standards and changing web search dynamics.

Our ability to seamlessly migrate existing pages from legacy platforms to future-proofed next-gen technology has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. Our API allows for full automation of the provisioning cycle for our enterprise clients and continuously syncs data across products.

Q: Where do you see your Company in the next 365 days?

DevHub will be the standard protocol in scaled digital experience plans. Allowing our customers to serve their clients of SMBs, franchise businesses and national brands with an ever increasing suite of products and capabilities.

More API integrations and touch points.

Q: What actions are being taken now to get there?

Currently we power 48 of the most diverse set of customers from media companies to performance marketing companies to national brands to adtech/ martech companies and large enterprise.

Continued integration of 3rd party partners which allows for seamless management of our enterprise customers entire provisioning cycle.

We work with our enterprise clients to address the needs of their sales channels which cater to national brands, releasing hyper local products which are being leveraged across the globe.

We are continuing to integrate third party partners which streamline the provisioning cycle and broaden the product suite available to our enterprise partners. Recent additions include the integration of Marchex & Telemetrics CTN provisioning, Optimizely site testing technology - view the full suite of integrations.

To be continued...

What We’re On-boarding

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Marketing Cloud

Today, the day after Thanksgiving in the USA - the DevHub team is working to on-board new/ existing customers. Here are some of ways they (customers) are utilizing DevHub’s multi-dimensional platform:

Designing a go-market strategy for real estate, automotive and financial services has been popular the past couple months. Today, DevHub powers digital experiences across these and many other industry specific solutions.

DevHub’s core platform is sites at scale - today more than 1.6 million digital products i.e. sites, landing pages, profile pages, local sites, regional sites and more have been built.

Over the past 48 hours we have migrated over 200+ sites/ landing pages/ proxies to DevHub (each with SSL baked in).

The traditional CMS is dead. Today, an agile marketing cloud is demanded - powered by a thoughtfully robust digital experience/ web experience/ presence platform (hint: all mean the same). See our integrations for more on bringing together your marketing and advertising technologies together in DevHub.

Your DevHub in Seattle - Deployed Worldwide

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While in USA, Thanksgiving festivities are reverberating across the land, DevHub tech/ support/ teams hum worldwide.

There are some web platforms that get the point. DevHub always has, even guaranteeing uptimes globally. It’s no secret that product, marketing and brand managers demand performance mixed with accountability. From Seattle to Boston to Hong Kong to Sydney; DevHub piece of mind.

From our team to yours - Happy Thanksgiving!

Learn more about our strict Service Level Agreements

Digital Consultancies and Their Preferred Platforms

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digital consultancies

What makes a successful digital marketing consultancy? From a 10,000+ person organization (think: EY, IBM, pWC, McKinsey)  to the well-known local digital marketing companies - each has their place.

On a recent client pitch I had an epiphany - many ( if not most )  of these consultancies, actually have limited if not zero propietary technology or platforms! It was getting late in the day and traffic in Seattle is getting more brutal by the week - but the idea kept swirling in my head ‘they have no tech platform.’

Back at the office the next day, I started reading more about the ‘consultancies’ involvement in large digital experience transformations for national and mid sized brands. In the past 4 years there have been over 25+ acquisitions from the large management consulting and IT services firms. These rollups created untold billions of dollars in an  industry focused on digital transformation, design, customer experience and product management.

On closer inspection,  I noticed a distinct trend - more people, less technology. If you look at (formerly Ernst and Young), according to LinkedIn over 10,000 employees - yet what technology are they running to take a national brand → local? First, I cannot confirm that absolutely no technology exists as I know IBM has Watson, but really, what technology platform are the rest of these huge consultancies using? And how stuck are the national brands with  totally custom solutions, built one off at great expense.

As consumer search moves faster - mobile, location, VR etc - platforms or basic protocols to manage entire brand’s digital experience will be required to make the proper transformations quickly. Look no further than DevHub, a platform born out of media companies need to adapt to the digital age. TODAY DevHub has evolved beyond the original thesis of websites, and now powers entire presence and marketing campaigns for the entire marketing ecosystem.  From performance marketing companies to leading adtech/ martech providers, national brands and soon large IT consulting/ professional service companies., the DEVHUB solution works effectively, nimbly and right now.

Post by: Mark Michael DevHub CEO/ co-Founder. 

Web Experience You Control - at Scale

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Manage thousands of websites on unique domains, devices, and services.

Mobile Sites

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Our unique approach to content management allows you to generate unlimited sites. Great for Real estate, Service based, multi-location, franchise etc...

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Build, manage, and track 10 to 10,000 campaigns running different domains.

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